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  • I live in Trotskygrad
  • I was born on March 11
  • My occupation is Student (Sophomore)
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  • Daniel Smith

    Wouldn't it be neat if there was an Outpost game? Though the odds of this are slim, I'm still hoping someone/some company, somewhere, will create and publish a Playstation 3, XBox 360, and PC game on Outpost. Read more to see what I would like to see.

    • Standard controls, with X and Y axis
    • Damage intake (not a health bar)
    • Different diffuculties; Regular, Medium, Hard
    • Interactive dialouge/sentence selecting
    • Cutscenes
    • Checkpoints
    • Automatic looking during cutscenes
    • Maximum of two guns being carried
    • Extended missions and extra missions
    • Multiplayer
    • Appearance of a fictional Nazi Weapon entitled as "X2300-A4"

    Fire- R1

    Aim- L1

    Throw grenade- R2

    Jump- X

    Switch to secondary weapon- Triangle

    Reload- Square

    Crouch- Circle

    Pick up weapon- Square

    Melee- R3

    Run- R3

    Pause- Star…

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  • Daniel Smith

    Outpost II: Black Sun

    October 15, 2010 by Daniel Smith

    A lot of you fans of "Outpost" have been wondering when the sequel "Outpost II: Black Sun". I have read that it will be released sometime THIS YEAR in November or December. It has been confirmed that the sequel IS real and WILL be released.

    For information on the movie, please see Outpost II: Black Sun.

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  • Daniel Smith


    September 15, 2010 by Daniel Smith

    Dear journal,

    6/24/10. My name is Smith, Daniel Smith, that is, and I am mercenary. I wander around war-torn Eastern Europe with no purpose, no where to go, just... wandering. Today, I was hired by a mysterious man named Hanz. He apparently wants me to help him on his journey through what he calls "No Man's Land". He tells me that he is looking for gold in an old deserted WWII bunker. But I don't know...there's something weird about him. Anyway, he expects me to have a team within 24 hours and that we leave in a truck at daybreak the next morning. To be honest, I'm kinda nervous; The land is controlled by Russian insurgents. But, hey, as long as I get my money, I don't care.

    Commentary: This is the first of my ten part blog p…

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