The Second Team was the second team to arrive at the Nazi bunker in the Outpost film. They consisted of 10 to 15 members.


The Second Team is first mentioned when Hunt sends a message using a portable message device. The message reads: "On site. Item located. Take all the necessary steps."

Shortly after arriving, they come across the body room, just like D.C.'s team. The same paranormal phenomenon happens to them. Then they are attacked shortly before the credits roll. This indicates they most likely had the same fate as D.C.'s team.


  • Unlike D.C.'s and Hunt's team, the Second Team appears to be an actual military force. This is likely because they all seem to wear the same outfit; tan camouflage.
  • They use FAMAS assault rifles in the first film and M4 carbine rifles in Black Sun (film).
  • All the members appear to be British. The ones that talk have a British accent.
  • All the members wear tan camouflage. However, tan camouflage would not be an appropriate camo for the environment they are in, which is all wooded.
  • The Second Team does not actually have a big part in the plot. In fact, the names of the people who portrayed them aren't even mentioned in the credits.