The Emblem of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Russian Military is a faction in the Outpost movie.


The Russian Military during World War II was known as the Red Army. After World War II ended, Russia entered the Cold War with the United States, and the Red Army became known as the Soviet Army. They were the cause of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis. As of now, the Russian Army is known as the Spetsnaz, and they are defense force of the Russian Federation.

In Outpost, the Russian Military was the tertiary antagonists of D.C.'s team. At the time when D.C.'s team was sent by Hunt to investigate an area known as No Man's Land, they were currently at war with Russian Ultranationalists. It is unknown how or why the war began. The Russian Military was never physically seen in the film.


  • It is possible that it was a Russian soldier who shot McCay during the firefight at the S.S. Bunker.
  • Taktarov was once a Spetsnaz soldier.